Re-Post Trojan Producer Series Box Set

Trojan producer series box set


Brimstone And Fire – The Observers
Aily And Ailoo – Niney And Max
Ital Correction – Niney The Observer
No More Will I Roam – Dennis Brown
Jam Down – Observer All Stars
Rasta Bandwagon – Max Romeo
Bring The Couchie Coome – Reggae Crusaders
One Train Load Of Dub – Observer All Stars

Upsetting Station – Dave Barker
Badam Bam – Ravers
Babylon’s Burning – Maxie, Niney And Scratch
Civilization – Classics
Hail Stones – I. Roy
Black IPA – Lee Perry And The Upsetters
Herb Vendor – Horse Mouth
Green Bay Incident – Lord Sassafrass
Dub And Praise – Upsetters


CN Express – Clancy Eccles All Stars
Mr. Midnight – Dynamites
Here Comes The Night – Busty Brown
Bag A Boo – Clancy Eccles
Holly Holly – Fabulous Flames
Foolish Fool – Cynthis Richards
Dancebeat – Clancy Eccles And King Stitt
Herbsman Shuffle – King Stitt And Andy Cap

Rocking On The GG Beat – GG All Stars
Born To Be Loved – Maytones
Feel It – Paulette And Gee
Ontarious Version – Charlie Ace
Mr. Brown – Trevor Brown
Jordan River – Max Romeo And Glen Adams
Lonely Nights – Eric Donaldson
Rack-A-Tack – Typhoon All Stars


Soul Scorcher – Carl Bryan
Equal Rights – Cables
The Dog – Harry J. All stars
What Am I To Do – Tony Scott
Tons Of Gold – Val Bennett
Cambodia – Winston Blake
Skank In Bed – Scotty
Down Side Up – Lloyd And Carey

Hijacked – Joe Gibbs All Stars
Hold Them – Roy Shirley
The Reggae Train – P
Musically – Keith Blake
Secret Weapon – Ansel Collins
God Bless The Children – Nicky Thomas
Freedom To The People – Heptones
A Win Them – Leo Graham
Heart And Soul – Junior Byles


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