Re-Post Trojan Revive Box Set

Trojan Revive box set


Going Back Home – Al & The Vibrators
Over Again – Stranger & Gladdy
Why Am I Treated So Bad – Lyn Taitt & The Jets
Girl You’re Cold – Lloyd & Glen
Swing, Baby, Swing – The Soul Tops
My Guiding Light – Joe White
Revival – Leslie Butler & The Gaytones
News Carrier – The Hamlins
Blacker Black (aka Africa) – Count Ossie & His Band
On The Town – Bunny & Ruddy
So Long, Farewell – Freddie McKay
Easy Snappin’ – Theo Beckford
Massie Massa – The Tennors
Money Girl – Larry Marshall
Live Only For Love – The Progressions
Magic Touch – Junior Murvin
Love You Most Of All – The Emotions


This Is My Song (aka Let Me Be The One) – Keith & Tex
One True Love – The Selectors & The Lyn Taitt Orchestra
Life Line – Amiel Moodie & The Dandemites
I’m Alone – Boris Gardiner & The Keys
Banana Water (aka Gimme, Gimme Girl) – The Mellotones
Suffering Stink – Band of Mercy & Salvation
The Break – Winston Francis
It Ain’t – Lloyd & Randolph
Candy Lady – Black & George
The Game Song – Drumbago & The Blenders
Happy Time – Keble Drummond
Out Of Sight – Danny Simpson & The Supersonics
The Girl I Love – The Visions
Home Without You – The Beltones
Splash Down – The Crystalites
A Hundred Pounds Of Clay – The Royals


The Moon Is Playing Tricks On Me – Trevor Shield
Never Let Me Go – Joe White
Jay Fever (aka Shining) – Carl Bryan & The Jay Boys
Tears On My Pillow – Rudy Mills
Anywhere You Want To Go – The Conquerors
Baby Don’t You Do It – The Clarendonians
Promises, Promises – The Viceroys
Wha’ She Do Now – The Gaylads
Liquidator – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
Ease Up – The Bleechers
Got To Be Free – The Rulers
Intensified Change – The Silvertones
My Heartaches (Reggae mix) – Vic Taylor
You Got To Love Me – Radcliffe Butler
Pretty Cottage – Stranger & Gladdy
Life Is But A Dream – Winston Shand & The Shieks
Stop That Man (aka Easy Ride) – Ike Bennett & The Crystalites


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