Re-Post Trojan Mod Reggae Box Set Vol.1

Trojan mod reggae bos set vol 1


John holt – ali baba
Tommy mccook – riverton city
Clancy all stars – c n express
Owen Gray – running around
The message – rum-bum-a – loo
Bobby ellis & the crystalites – step softly
The skatalites – lucky seven
The Gladiators – sweet soul music
The Enforcers – musical fever
The Zodiacs – renegade
Harry j all stars – spyrone
The Gaylets – lonely feeling (aka here comes that feeling)
Lord kitchener – dr kitch
Baba brooks band – gun fever
Tyrone taylor – delilah
Hugh Malcolm – Good time rock
The Vagabonds – Lindska


Lynn taitt and The Boys – storm warning
King Stitt – the ugly one (aka lee van cleef)
The uniques – a yuh (aka hey you)
Heptones – gun man coming to town
Laurel Aitken & the soulmen – last night
Lester Sterling – wiser than solomon
The Crystalites – stranger in town
Baba Brooks – county town
Derrick Morgan – fat man
Johnny Lover & The Destroyers – nevada joe
Owen & Leon Silveras – next door neighbor
Lee Perry – kimble the nimble
Jimmy Cliff – the man (aka man to man)
Ewan and Jerry with The Caribbeats – oh babe (sick and tired)
Tommy Mccook – thunderball
Slim smith & the uniques – build my world around you


Don Drummond & Tommy Mccook – music is my occupation
Lee Perry – the upsetter
Roland Alphonso – el pussy cat
The Maytals – just tell me
Syko and the carib – do the dog
The Clarendonians – the jerk
Derek and patsy – i’m in a jam
Ike Bennet & The Crysyalites – bombshell
Little Willie – i’m ashamed
Lester Sterling – zigaloo
Lord Kitchener – kitch you’re so sweet
Dermott Lynch – hot shot
Duke Reid’s all stars – the rude boy
Slim Smith & the uniques – girls like dirt
Owen Gray – lonely days
Pat Kelly – i am coming home
Ed Nangle – good girl


    • Guilherme B.
    • 1 de abril de 2010


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