Re-Post Trojan British Reggae Box Set

Trojan British Reggae Box Set


A letter to mummy and daddy – The Duke All Stars
Yorkie special – The Trojan All Stars
All I have to do is dream – Denzil & Pat
Rhythm in – Reco and The Rhythm Aces
Let’s go downtown – Brother Dan All Stars
Life on reggae planet – Joe The Boss
There goes my heart – Seven Letters
Then you can tell me goodbye – Gene Rondo
I can’t stop loving you – Owen Gray
Bye bye love – The Dials
Gentle on my mind – Pat Sandy
Tears on my pillow – Desmond Riley
Moon walk – Sprong and the Nyah Shuffle
Phoenix City reggae – The Family Circle
I’m gonna give her all the love I’ve got – Tony Tribe
Guns of Navarone – Freddie Notes and the Rudies
Talking Boss – George Lee


Nyah bingewe – Nyah Earth
What’s your name – Dennis Lowe
Let’s work together – Billy Jack
I wish you well – Delroy Dunkley
Too late – Vinent Mcleod
Morning sun – Al Barry and the Cimarons
Goodnight my love – Winston Laro
Walking thru Jerusalem – The Corporation
True love, true love – Terry, Carl and Derrick
Musical popcorn – Pama Dice
Turn round twice – The Message
Brixton reggae festival – The Setters
Bush beat – Lloyd and the Prophets with the Cimarons
Please don’t go – Count Suckle and the Rudies
Let me out – Concorde
In the summertime – The Music Doctors
Tony B’s theme – Joe’s All Stars


Funny – Rupert Cunningham
What greater love – Teddy Brown
Dancing in the sun – Daniel in the Lion’s Den
Patches – The Rudies
Honey hush – Millie
A single girl – Silkie Davis
Baby don’t wake me – Del Davis
It’s too late (to say you’re sorry) – Laurel Aitken
Down in the boondocks – Delroy Williams
Be loving to me – The Tillermen
Soul for sale – The Cmiarons
Memories of love – The Orbitones
What do you want to make those eyes at me for – Dandy
Suzanne beware of the devil – Nicky Thomas
Working on it night and day – The Aces
Tchaikovsky’s piano concerto no. 1 – The Neasden Connection


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